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The Best Anthro, Traditional and Fantasy Artists' Journal
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Sunday, July 11th, 2010
8:59 pm
Sketch Commissions for $5, Digital color sketches for $20
My job/ $$$ situation is very not good right now. I'm looking for work, but I have a lot of bills to pay and I don't know how I'll have the money for next month, much less the months after if something doesn't change.

... So as a personal 'Stimulus package' ;)  and one way to hopefully generate some work/ $$, I'm offering sketch commissions at $5 and $20.

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
10:55 am
Raising Funds For Legions Of Lore

$1 Character Portrait Sketches

Any character.  No mature themes.

Receive a 500x500 Digital Sketch.

Add $1 for Simple Colour.

(Paypal Only)

To Commission, Please Comment Here: legionsoflore.livejournal.com/638.html
Monday, April 26th, 2010
8:55 pm

Okay...Here's the deal;
I NEED money...And am willing to do literally ANYTHING for your moneys, okay??
So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE commision me...I am wicked willing to drop prices, and make ya'll some deals, okay? For instance...You commision me 2x, you get 3rd commision FREE! Also, there is free shipping(granted your commision is atleast $5)

***Note, I am willing to do ANY commisions you ask for(gore, vore, nudity, yiff, hentai...)...I just NEED money....

So here's a list of prices and what-not! :heart:(every extra cahracter is generally +1-3$)

Pencil sketch(shaded, full body)--5$
Pen sketch, shaded(full body)---5$
Pencil/pen sketch w/ simple bg---8$
Pencil/pen sketch w/ complicated bg---10$
Inks, bust---8$
Inks, fullbody---10$
Inks, fullbody, simple bg---15$
Inks, fullbody, complicated bg---20$
Fully colored & inked full body(markers)---10$
Fully colored & inked full body(markers)(simple bg)---$18
Complicated bg--$24
Fully colored & inked full body(colored pencils)---10$
Simple bg--$18
Complicated bg---$24
Fully colored & inked full body(watercolors)--15$
Simple bg--$24
Complicated bg--$35
Simple painting(size matters...)---$20-80+
Complicated painting(size matters)---$30-100+


Sunday, February 14th, 2010
10:41 pm
Attracting Commissions
Hello fair peoples of the internets!

I'm an up and coming traditional artist who hopes to get a few commissions here and there. Preferably here.
I mainly focus on watercolor and graphite works, but I can do commissions in prismacolor, charcoal, ink, and acrylics as well.

The subjects that I do best in painting/drawing are floral creations and portraits. I can create other works, though you need to know what you want. Telling me, "I want something fantastical" doesn't cut it.

My prices are reasonable, but of course, differs across mediums simply due to material costs and time involved. Please, please don't be hesitant to ask how much a theoretical work would be. I'm more than willing to cater to most budgets, and most problems.

I also do optional framing that usually gets a fair bit pricy, depending on how nice you want to go, but again, I can always offer estimates.
I will accept check, cash, paypal, and money order as payment. However, I do require that I receive payment before I send my works. No exceptions. There's simply to many things that can go wrong when it comes time to pay, and so I've learned my lessons.

The following are a few examples in my media categories for you to gander at.













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5:46 pm

Sooo...I need more money, and I can't get a job...So hopefully there will be a few takers, here.

As for general guidlines, for what im willing to draw, I am not very picky, but I suggest if what you want is pretty graphic, then ask. I WILL for sure do any gore, vulgarity, and bloodiness, fully willing, and you do not have to ask. As for sexual concepts, I am a bit more picky. But if it is just a nude, or something that is more artistic than sexual, I am much more rather to accept.

On a side note, I am VERY willing to do anything from comics to portraits to furries, and almost everything inbetween.

I accpet paypal, snail mail, and personal checks, but money must be given upfront, no acceptions, because I can not handle the stress of people being all dramatic. Also, please be very spacific, or else I will just do my own thing, and you may not like it. If you cannot afford, but would really like a commision from me, ask, and I may be willing to lower prices quite a bit.(The absolute lowest will still have to be enough so I can pay for shipping, and extra expences including the cost of materials, which is usually very little)

For all commisions an extra character is +$3

:bulletgreen:Pen sketch--5$(may be colored via gel pen, upon request, with no extra charge)
[link] [link]
:bulletgreen:Pencil sketch(shaded)--5$
:bulletgreen:Full body marker commision--15$
:bulletgreen:Pen sketch colored bust---10$
:bulletgreen:Fullbody colored w/ minimal/simple backround--20$
:bulletgreen:Fullbody colored w/ complicated backround---30$
:bulletgreen:watercolor pen bust sketch--12$
:bulletgreen:fullbody watercolors pensketch w/ simple bg--25$
:bulletgreen:fullbody watercolor painting w/ pen outling w/ complicated bg--35$

*note; some of these references are quite old

:bulletgreen:If you want something that is not listed, feel free to ask, and I will give you a price. I am also perfectly willing to haggle...

At the moment I am not doing badges or bookmarks, because I do not have a way to get things laminated yet. If you still want one, or are willing to laminate yourself, go ahead, and place an order.
I am also doing trades...Please note for further information.
Sunday, April 20th, 2008
1:26 pm
$10 drawings of your animal or were/anthro/fur characters
I am really having fun with this series of character line arts.

1. Grygon

2. Dream Maria


Info on commissioning one for yourself can be found here. Or you can participate in my contest.
Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
2:52 pm
Taking Custom Orders for the Next Week

Because I need to place an order with Chessex for more dice to prepare for Otakon, I will be taking custom orders up until April 21st. If you'd like to place one, now is the time! It's not usually worth the cost of shipping for me to order new dice for custom orders, but when I'm placing one anyway, the shipping isn't an additional cost.

The colors available are listed here: http://www.candycornstudios.com/store/catalog.html

These come in standard sizes. If you want minis, I have to use non-Chessex dice.

How to contact me: email me (artist AT candycornstudios DOT com), or send me a message on Etsy (CandyCornStudios)

Info to give me:
  • What kind of jewelry do you want? (Earrings, Necklace, Cell Charm, Plain Charm, Keychain, etc)
  • Dice Color Name (as listed on the catalog page linked above)
  • Dice Size(s) (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20)
  • Additional comments and details. I will contact you back before placing your order to work out final details.

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Sunday, March 30th, 2008
2:52 am
CONTEST and commissions
I am holding a coloring contest that you can check out here: Color Grygon. Prizes include free line art from yours truly, and your link in my DeviantArt signature (when I whore the DA forums my own pageviews sky rocket).

And I swear, if I don't get some commissions soon I am going to shrink the other lineart I put up in this series 350pixels wide. I think my prices are more than reasonable, but I guess people don't want to pay for an original of their character if there's even the slightest chance I'll do it for free OR put up more freebies. Well, no more freebies. Want super large uploads for coloring? Commission it.

Sorry, guys. It's just that I've plugged those commissions every where and haven't got ONE bite. I don't know what gives, but I have been told my prices are great. So, what is it?
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
9:52 pm
Oh, Gosh.
I had forgotten about this idea. It's still a good idea, I think.
I will pimp this on a few art comms tonight with luck, see if it can get going.

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